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Western Dredging Association

"Dredging Creates a Strong Economy and a Cleaner Environment"

What is WEDA?

WEDA is a member of The World Organisation of Dredging Associations. (WODA)

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) region covers North, Central and South America. The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) covers most of Europe, Africa, and the Mid and Near East. The Eastern Dredging Association (EADA) covers the Far East and Pacific region. The three organizations constitute the World Organization of Dredging Association (WODA) with equal representation on the WODA Board of Directors. The goals and objectives are common for each of the three organizations, however operations to attain these are independently carried out.

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction by sponsoring or co-sponsoring national and international technical conferences, seminars, and symposiums, including publication and dissemination of the proceedings.
  • To provide a forum for improvement of communications, technology transfer, and cooperation among associations, societies, and all organizations interested in dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction.
  • To emphasize the importance of understanding and development of solutions for problems related to the protection and enhancement of the marine environment.
  • To support educational institutions for students interested in pursuing dredging and marine engineering as a career.
  • To promote membership in and furtherance of the Western Dredging Association through establishment and support of Chapters.
  • To recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding engineering and operational achievement.

Benefits to Members

  • Professional development and recognition within the dredging and marine construction fields.
  • Communication and association witin the international dredging community.
  • Publication of technical papers through WEDA and World Dredging Conference (WODCON) meetings.

Classes of WEDA Membership

  • Member: Qualified by academic degree an/or equivalent experience in dredging or related industries.
  • Student Member:   Student interested in and pursuing studies related to dredging (non-voting).
  • Sustaining Member:  (non-voting).

WEDA Chapters & Meetings

  • Present Chapters in North America are Pacific, Midwest, Eastern and Gulf Coast.
  • Mexico Chapter
  • Meetings are held annually. Other meetings such as regional seminars are organized periodically. Each chapter's officers schedule their own meetings.

General Meeting of WEDA Members

Meetings are held annually. A general meeting is also held in connection with each World Dredging Conference (WODCON), approximately every three years. Such conferences will normally rotate between WEDA, CEDA, and EADA. Past WODCON have been in New York (67), Rotterdam (68), Singapore (70), New Orleans (71), Hamburg (73), Taipei (74), San Francisco (76), Amsterdam (78), Vancouver, B.C. (80), Singapore (83), Brighton, England (86), Orlando, Florida (89), Bombay, India (92), Amsterdam (95), Las Vegas (98), Kula Lumpar, Malaysia (01), Hamburg (04)

Annual Dues

WEDA membership covers the period January 1st though December 31st, and dues are:

Member $100.00 (U.S.)
Student $25.00 (U.S.)

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