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Click here for the latest information about WODCON XX


This is the first announcement of the next World Dredging Congress. Under the theme of "The Art of Dredging" WODCON XX will take place from 3 to 7 June 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

World Dredging Congresses (WODCONs) are organised once every three years by one of the three sister associations of WODA, the World Organisation of Dredging Associations. First organised in 1967, nearly half a century ago, and held throughout the world since, this series of congresses has become the highlight of the dredging professionals calendar. In 2013 it will be CEDA's turn again to organise the Congress and CEDA selected Brussels, the capital of Europe to give home to this prestigious event.

"CEDA has always sought venues with a maritime flavor for WODCONs" said Anna Csiti, General Manager CEDA. "The rich maritime tradition, the presence of dredging knowledge and the many opportunities for interesting and informational technical visits were key factors in the CEDA Board's decision to bring WODCON XX to Belgium.

"On behalf of the Belgian members of CEDA I am confident to say that delegates of WODCON XX will have not only a useful and informative but also an exceptionally pleasant time in Brussels." added Freddy Aerts of the Flemish Government, who is chairing the WODCON XX Organising Committee and is also chairman of the Belgian Section of CEDA. "Our congress venue, the Square Congress Centre is in the heart of Brussels, on the Mount of Arts, surrounded by museums which are full of old masterpieces. But inside the Congress Centre we will be discussing another type of art "The Art of Dredging" an art which creates new ports, new land and new green recreational areas", Mr Aerts continued.

Following the tradition, WODCON XX will comprise keynote addresses by prominent experts and some 120 peer reviewed technical paper presentations from all over the world. The Congress will be complemented by a dredging exhibition that will provide companies with an excellent opportunity to present their products and services to a select and focused group of international experts and decision-makers. There will be plenty opportunity for delegates to network and socialize in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere enjoying the famous Belgian cuisine and hospitality in delightful surroundings. A post congress tour will make the event complete.

For up to date information about WODCON XX please visit www.wodcon.org

Notes to editors

High resolution photos can be downloaded from the CEDA ftp site dedicated for the press. To download the photos please follow the instruction below:

1. Open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer)

2. Type in the Address window: ftp://press@cedawiki.org

3. Login

User: press@cedawiki.org
Password: ceda4press
4. Copy the files into your local folder

Photo Captions:

  • WODCON XX: The Art of Dredging
  • Brussels: Square Congress Centre
  • Brussels: Built for the World Fair in 1958, the Atomium is one of the most popular tourist attraction and the symbol of Europe's capital
  • Brussels: Manneken Pis, this small 17th century bronze sculpture is a famous Brussels landmark
  • Brussels: The Royal Palace is in a walking distance to the Square Congress Centre
  • Brussels: Royal Galeries of St. Hubert preceded other famous 19th-century shopping arcades
  • Sedimentation tank of the Amoras sediment dewatering facility, Antwerp
  • Dredging in the Western Scheldt river, an important navigation route to the Port of Antwerp
  • Dredging in Oostende
About CEDA

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is an international professional membership organisation for all those involved in dredging related activities and who live or work in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. CEDA provides an independent forum for the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, maritime construction and dredged material management. Members are drawn from many fields and include consultants, research and educational institutes, port authorities, government agencies, dredging contractors, builders of dredging vessels, and suppliers of ancillary equipment. CEDA encompasses a wide range of disciplines and activities and does not represent the interests of any particular industry sector. (www.dredging.org)


For further information please contact:

Anna Csiti

General Manager CEDA

T +31 15 2682575

F +31 15 2682576

E csiti@dredging.org

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